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InsidePro Software is a professional password recovery suite. And our forum unites the best experts in hash-related operations, and the InsidePro team is currently one of the world's strongest in recovering passwords to hashes.

Hash Manager – software for recovering passwords to hashes optimized for working with large hash lists:
– Supports over 340 hashing algorithms.
– Contains over 50 additional utilities for handling hashes, passwords, and dictionaries.
– Unlimited loadable hashes, dictionaries, rules, and masks.
– Multithreading.
– 64 bits.
– Maximum optimization for working with large hash lists.

Extreme GPU Bruteforcer – software for recovering passwords to hashes using NVIDIA GPUs:
– Supports over 70 hashing algorithms.
– Incredible search speed, reaching hundreds of millions and billions of passwords per second.
– Simultaneous usage of up to 16 GPU.
– Unlimited loadable hashes.
– 64 bits.

All solutions from InsidePro Software are:
– Support all major password recovery methods – brute-force attack, dictionary attack, mask attack and others.
– Feature numerous settings ensuring efficient recovery for even complex passwords.
– Optimized operating speed to maximum.
– Extremely light, do not require installation.

Our services for handling hashes and passwords:

Hash Generator – supports over 130 algorithms and generates hashes to Unicode passwords.

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